Senior Road Handicapping Policy 
  • All recent riders have been allocated a Grade –  Senior Road Handicaps by Grade
  • If your name is not listed and you intend racing, please email the handicapper.  
  •  Any new or returning rider must get their handicap from the handicapper before they day of the event. Failure to do so may mean refusal of your entry.   
  • All riders will be graded on results and form.  
  •  The Handicapper reserves the right to re-grade any/all riders at any time.   
  • Clubs are encouraged to run grades A through F.   
  • The Handicapper will liaise with all clubs for rider information.  
  •  Riders may approach the Handicapper regarding grade moves.
  • The handicapper reserves the right to judge the applicant.
  •  If a rider asks to be moved down, granting of this will come with conditions.  
  •  Higher grading must be earned.
  • No rider is guaranteed to keep their grading.   
  • Under 17s will be graded for open races with consultancy with the Junior Handicapper and their coaches.  
  • The higher the status of the event, the more it will affect the grade of the rider.   
  • Factors such as injury, illness, or mechanicals will not be used for grading.   
  • The Handicappers will always endeavour to give every rider a winning chance.   
  • Size and strength of grades, weather conditions and course difficulty will be assessed at every race when determining time gaps.  
  • The Handicapper will be highly visible at most races.

    Allan Knight – Senior Road Handicapper - 63449635 -

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